Why Having An EV By 2030 Is Important.

EV have been introduced to reduce the carbon footprint and minimise the negative impacts on the environment. 

Why should you own an EV by 2030?

1. Reduced Dependence on Fossil Fuels:

  • By owning an EV by 2030 you will contribute to reducing the amount of carbon emissions that are produced by transportation. EV’s run on electricity, which can be generated from renewable sources such as solar, wind or hydro power. Renewable energy will become more prevalent, resulting in EVs becoming more environmentally friendly.

2. Lower Operating Costs:

  • In the past, the high cost and limited range of batteries made EV less practical for every day use. However, technology is now a lot more advanced, the price of batteries have reduced and range has improved, making EV more accessible for consumers. Furthermore, as more people purchase an EV, the cost of maintaining and repairing them will likely decrease.

3. Increased Availability of Charging Infrastructure:

  • One of the major concerns for people switching to EV was the availability of charging infrastructure. However, due to the demand for charging stations the government are investing in building more charging infrastructure. This investment will help switching to an EV more convenient and practical.

4. Improved Technology and Performance:

  • As EV technology has improved so has their performance, exceeding the performance of petrol or diesel vehicles in terms of acceleration, speed and handling. Additionally, they offer a smoother ride because they don’t have a transmission, which means there are fewer parts to maintain.

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