Why Is Engine Coolant Important?

Engine coolant plays a big role in how your car is running, ensuring your car neither freeze’s nor overheats. 

What is an Engine Coolant?

The Engine Coolant is made up of 50% glycol and 50% water, connected to the radiator of the car. Transferring and optimizing the heat in the engine, deploying antifreeze protection in order for your vehicles engine to keep running in optimal condition. Making sure that your vehicle’s engine temperature remains stable to perform in all climates. It will also help to prevent any corrosion or rust of metals, that are not iron or or steel, in the radiator, engine and heater.

When should you check your coolant level?

Coolant levels should ideally be checked twice a year, before the coolant light appears on your dashboard or the colour of the fluid goes a murky brown colour.

Why you shouldn’t ignore cooler maintenance.

The effects of poor cooler maintenance can be irreversible sometimes if not checked regularly. Everything about the vehicles engine coolant will be in the manufacturers handbook, as each vehicle can differ.

How to check your engine’s coolant level.

Making sure a visual check is made after filling your car up with fuel. You will be looking for the coolant level in the overflow bottle. If the level is low, ensure you don’t remove the radiator filler cap, until the engine is cool, which is usually a few hours after driving.

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