Yellow Box Junctions: Everything You Need To Know

The number of drivers being caught out by yellow box junctions is on the rise, landing many of them with eye-watering fines. Here’s what you need to know about them…

Yellow Box Fines

Yellow boxes can be a real headache for drivers, especially when they’re driving in areas they’re unfamiliar with. They’re often monitored by enforcement cameras, meaning automatic fines of £130 fines can be issued nationwide. They’re usually found in urban areas, where tailbacks can obstruct the flow on oncoming traffic. Not so long ago, enforcement lay with local councils in London and Cardiff; now, however, country-wide authorities have the same powers to issue fines for ‘moving traffic violations’.

According to research conducted by the RAC, eight out of ten drivers struggle to drive smoothly through yellow box junctions. Nearly half of them have wound up getting accidentally stuck, with one in three of these blaming the negligence of other drivers. Click4Reg has also discovered that London councils earn up to £520,000 daily from moving traffic violations. The City of London borough managed to issue just shy of 200,000 penalties in 2017-2018, accruing in almost £25 million as a result.

What You Need To Know

Yellow box junctions are designed to prevent the obstruction of traffic when it stems from multiple directions; they indicate spaces that should be kept clear at all times. You should only enter one when you can navigate it entirely i.e. drive through it from start to finish without interruption. The only exception is if you’re turning right and your oncoming traffic prevents you; assuming your exit is clear. If you break these rules, you risk facing a fine of £130. However, you won’t receive any penalty points. The problem with yellow box junctions is that it’s not always clear as to when you’ll be able to clear them. The car in front of you could come to a sudden stop, or the flow of traffic in general, leaving you stranded.

The key is to take your time with yellow boxes, don’t rush into them just because the car in front of you has. See whether it’s managed to get through before you make the attempt and don’t rush. If you do end up getting stranded, remain calm and don’t panic; oncoming traffic will be able to see you. And, if you end up facing angry drivers beeping their horns, remember that it’s happened to at least 50% of drivers according to the RAC!

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