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5% off Car Boot Liners – Boot Liners UK

We make sure all of our Car Boot Liners are tailored to the specification of your car’s make and model. We do this by creating a template, which is based on the exact measurements from the actual vehicles. This means we can guarantee it’s made to measure fit.


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  • Durable Heavy Duty Material
  • Customised Options available
  • Covers many makes and models


Read genuine feedback from customers who have purchased and used their products:

High quality Boot liner, fits perfectly and stays in position. Great investment to protect the car boot, and it’s perfect for owners of mud loving dogs
G MorrisG Morris
Fabulous quality boot liner, it fits nicely and was excellent delivery. Amazing customer service too, I can’t praise this company high enough
Ali BeggsAli Beggs
Fitted our boot liner, it’s spot on and such a good fit. It covers so much more than your standard boot liner would!”
Mr. McCardleMr. McCardle


What is a dropback?

All our bootliners are available with options to add a ‘Dropback’. This allows you to lie your seats flat, whilst allowing your bootliner to cover your car effectively. This is achieved by adding a section of material into the pattern, which cannot be seen when the seats are in the upright position. The option is perfect for those who regularly put their seats down.

Do I need a bumper flap?

A bumper flap is a section of material that can be dropped over your bumper to offer more protection when loading or uploading your car. This option is popular for dog owners or for those who regularly take items in and out of their boot.

What is a load liner?

A load liner is a basic boot liner that is designed to cover the floor of the boots and the back of the rear seats. The load liner is available with a 50/50 seat split, so one, both or all seats can be put down. You can also add a bumper flap, which provides protection to your car’s bumper.

If you are looking for something that offers more coverage, in more colours and seat split options, view our full range of tailored boot liners.


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  • Repairing kerb damage, corrosion, buckles, cracks, chips, scratches, scuffs, scrapes and more.
  • Powder coating finishes
  • Diamond cut finishes
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment
  • Rim Polishing
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5% off Car Boot Liners – Boot Liners UK
5% off Car Boot Liners – Boot Liners UK

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