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60% off Interactive Outdoor Adventures – CluedUpp

Looking for a day out with a difference? CluedUpp events are city-wide adventures, where you and your team scramble across the city to find clues, unravel riddles and compete in mini-games to solve the mystery at hand. CluedUpp creates interactive outdoor experiences that transform regular city streets into unmissable adventures. Using your phone you’ll compete against hundreds of other teams to crack clues, complete challenges and solve a mystery against the clock. Hundreds of teams take part at each event, dressed in some of the most amazing costumes you will see!


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  • Interactive fun for family and friends
  • Team Building Events
  • Events across the UK


Read genuine feedback from customers who have purchased and used their products:

Well designed game which let you take as long as you want or race against other teams. It was a little chilly so our team decided on a coffee break but soon back on it. We all thoroughly enjoyed it, even though we failed on a few of the timed games, really recommend playing one.
Julie ChristianJulie Christian
I booked this following an Instagram ad about 3-4 months ago. A group of us, including a couple of 10 year old kids, set off on our quest! The experience was really well put together with a mix of relatively “easy” clues mixed in with some really mind bogglers! It was such a great event, I am already looking at what to do next! Hugely recommend for family and friends days out if you want to do something outdoorsy but fun!
Ariana KhalilAriana Khalil
We did the Alice in Wonderland event to celebrate my son’s birthday and thoroughly enjoyed it. We dressed up (as did most teams) which made it much more fun. The map and clues were easy to follow, with some easier games and some harder riddles so that the whole family could join in. We were amazed to find out we had won!
Matthew FishMatthew Fish


Is the event appropriate for children?

Whilst our games are suitable for most children, we advise parental discretion when bringing children to our events. Children can attend and play for free, but our games are not designed to be played solely by children. Whilst there is no gruesome or gory content, there may be descriptions of violence and themes which are unsuitable for younger children.

How many players can I have in my team?

You can have up to 6 adults and unlimited children in your team (we suggest no more than 4 children per team). Please note that you can only connect 6 devices to the game at any one time. If you would like to connect more than 6 devices, you’ll need to buy an extra ticket.

How long does a game typically take?

On average, it takes 2-3 hours to fully complete the game, although this can vary depending on how leisurely or competitively you play, and whether you choose to have breaks.
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60% off Interactive Outdoor Adventures – CluedUpp
60% off Interactive Outdoor Adventures – CluedUpp

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